Seriously Bad Water

Substance nicknamed 'Water' tied to psychotic episodes and brain damage

Ever heard of water? It's slang for a substance used in CNY to take one's mind away. Far away, sometimes it remains and there is no return ticket.

"It's the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life volatile," said Helen Hudson co founder of Mother's Against Gun Violence (MADV) of observing a person having smoked water, which is also called icky, frosted, slick, fry, wet-wet, wet daddy, milk, purple rain, drank, amp, Sherm, dippie (from parenting teens on about.com and urbandictionary.com).

Police Officer Kenn Burdick of the Butternut Community Policing Center confirmed Hudson's observations. "It's not really a high," he said. It brings on psychosis. "We see psychotic uncontrollable behavior as a result of people using it."

Burdick said this water has been running in Syracuse over the past three years. He warns young people that the people who are telling you that it is fun are playing you (for a fool). The people who the police have observed doing it are certainly not having a good time and often hurt themselves.

This water is also not classified as a drug. It has been said to be a substance used in the embalming practice that one can purchase over the Internet. And can also be stolen from school science labs Burdick noted.

"Besides funeral parlors, formaldehyde is available from drug manufacturers and chemical warehouses, and is legal. Advice for how to procure the fluid is readily available on the Internet, as are recipes for home made versions," from inch.com.

It's not an inner city thing or a black thing; it's a generational said Lakisha Martin-Hargrett co founder of MAGV.

This Water showing up on the streets of Syracuse can be confused with PCP or Phencyclidine.

Most of the information available on the Internet is conflicting as to exactly what the agent is:

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