North Syracuse Village Board talks funding

Village board discusses funding for renovations, vehicles and sprinkler law

The North Syracuse Village Board gathered for its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday Jan. 14 at the village Community Center. The main topic of discussion were the possibilities of renovating the Community Center's parking lot and installing a new elevator with the use of Community Development funding.

Amy Franco, of the village's engineering department, said the village's 2008 application to Community Development was approved with a total award of $50,000 that requires $25,000 to be matched in order for receipt of funding. Since the agency works a year behind in applications, the 2008 applications are now receiving funding.

Franco said the parking lot of the Community Center needs renovating to subdue "water ponding" while Village Trustee Mark Atkinson added that the lot needs improved lighting. The board along with Franco discussed the possibility of adding an elevator to the facility, which could add extensive costs.

Teresa Roth, village parks and recreation director, said she acquired an estimate for a residential style elevator that would only cost $29,000 versus the general commercial styles that run up to $100,000. Roth said the residential style would be applicable because of the use it has at the Community Center.

Although the board was in agreement of how to use the funds, they also agreed there were doubts in where they would gather the necessary $25,000. Deputy Mayor Diane Browning presented the option of using funds from the sale of Toll Road Park. However, the issues there could be two-fold.

Village Attorney Heather Cole said there could be a gap in the time between the closing and when the village would acquire the money from the sale. As well, the board discussed whether or not the park sale's monies could be used for a parking lot project. Trustee Gary Butterfield said he recalled the language in the agreement stating that the fund from the sales could be used for improvements on "parks or recreation."

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