NOPL calls on patrons to begin Cicero community garden

All are invited to the Northern Onondaga Public Library-Cicero at 11 a.m. Saturday Jan. 23 to discuss the prospect of planting a vacant plot of land owned by the library with a community garden.

This preliminary meeting will serve to determine the level of interest in the community, and whether a community garden on the property is an idea worth pursuing. It's very important that interested people in the area attend this initial meeting. Decisions will be made that will shape policies around the garden and determine whether or not it's possible to pursue the idea.

During the meeting, the group will discuss the options for how the land and work might be divided up, and what will be done with the food grown. Suggestions already being talked about is providing no-cost produce to local food pantries who can rarely distribute fresh foods or food can be grown on individual garden plots "checked out" to individuals for the season.

This project has tremendous potential to allow the public to engage in what have become highly-charged environmental, economic, and public health policy debates. A garden at the library could provide information and experience to help the general public be more equipped to make informed choices. It also opens up a space to hold gardening classes where people can garden.

NOPL libraries have traditionally held gardening classes with experts coming in to answer questions and give gardening tips to an audience. With a big garden on the property, the experts could instruct and consult in a hands-on environment, at the point of need.

Come to NOPL Cicero Jan. 23 and see about adding some relevant natural phenomena to your library's collection. No gardening knowledge or experience is required to get involved, curiosity or enthusiasm is enough to get started.

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