Maffei is accepting submissions 2011 Appropriations

Congressman Dan Maffei announced that parties interested in requesting an appropriation for Fiscal Year 2011 can now begin the submission process. Two forms are required to be completed and submitted to Congressman Maffei's office by 6 p.m. on Friday Feb. 5 for a project to be considered. The forms can be accessed and downloaded at http://maffei.house.gov/fiscal-year-2011-appropriations-requests.shtml. All submissions may be made public.

For Fiscal Year 2010, Congressman Maffei secured more than $16.6 million for our area, for projects such as High Speed Rail, Say Yes to Education, a mammography machine for Newark General Hospital, clean energy start up companies, local defense contracts and storm water infrastructure improvements.

Congressman Maffei said: "There are so many worthy local projects, and I'm proud of all the appropriations funds I was able to secure in this past year. My old boss Senator Patrick Moynihan released an annual calculation that showed New York pays more in federal taxes than we get

back in federal spending, and fighting for appropriations is one important way we can close that deficit."

Anyone who is interested in submitting an appropriation and has a question should e-mail Maffei.appropriations@mail.house.gov or call

Congressman Maffei's Washington DC office at 202 225 3701.

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