F'ville mayor fears potential budget upset

Mayors from across Onondaga County will meet Wednesday Feb. 17 to discuss how to prevent looming deficits that could occur if the county decides to cut village revenue.

The village of Fayetteville relies each year on county tax dollars -- it's about 20 percent of the village budget, said Mayor Mark Olson at the Feb. 8 board meeting.

"Basically, right now, the county guarantees our tax payments," Olson said. "[The county is] saying conservatively anywhere from 10 to 40 percent reduction in what we get on an annual basis is what we should plan for. So, 10 percent is $90,000; 40 percent is $360,000."

The reduction is being pursued to help build up the county's $55 million shortfall.

"If you look at the federal government, they have deficits in the trillions, state government has deficits in the billions, county government has deficits in the millions," Olson said. "And here's the villages, school districts and towns -- all on balanced budgets ..."

Olson and other mayors recently went before the county legislature to request there be a committee representative from the Mayor's Association of the Onondaga County Mayors.

The committee will make recommendations to the full legislature this spring.

"Well, we all know what our budgets are like," Olson said to the board. "We'll be be well done with our budgets by the time this committee report gets finalized."

The new county sales tax agreement would affect villages, towns and school districts, and rumor has it that the villages' chunk of the county pie, which adds up to about 2.9 percent, could be eliminated altogether, Olson added.

On Monday March 15, Onondaga County mayors will present to county legislators why their municipalities deserve county tax dollars.

In other news:

The Fayetteville-Manlius Junior Pee Wee Cheerleaders earned a proclamation from the village board for its recent accomplishments, placing first in locals Oct. 4 that resulted in a trip to the National Pop Warner Competition in Florida.

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