Fayetteville: Renaud finds her center in massage

After living 10 years in The Hamptons, licensed massage therapist Lisa Renaud returned home to Syracuse last fall. She found a cozy place to settle in the village of Fayetteville to be close to her two youngest children who live in Manlius.

"I very much enjoy the 'upscale village feel of Fayetteville,'" the Camillus native said. "It reminds me of a hilly version of East Hampton or Sag Harbor."

Renaud, who resides just a short walking distance from her job, works at Terra Organic Spa, 105 Spring St. She specializes in relaxation massage.

"Swedish -- with quite a bit of energy work thrown into the mix," she said, using Trager bodywork as an example. "That's a gentle rocking that serves to disrupt the muscular holding patterns in the body by 'overloading' the system with tactile information. Basically, the mind doesn't know where to put its attention, so will 'reset' or 'reboot' like a computer, and the body can return to what we call 'homeostasis.'"

Renaud is also proficient with reflexology and pregnancy massage, and is looking to further her strengths by becoming certified in Ashiatsu therapy, a deep tissue barefoot massage while holding onto Oriental bars that are hung from the ceiling.

Renaud got her start as an amateur masseuse by coming to the aid of her younger brother John, a high school athlete with sports-related aches and pains, and by offering fellow theatre friends neck, back and shoulder rubs. She said she wasn't serious about massage until the early 90s.

"I didn't begin to consider massage as a career until one evening when my former husband, and, later, business partner, woke in the middle of the night with a back spasm," Renaud said. "Using only a soothing voice and gentle, kneading strokes, I put him back to sleep. He woke the next morning 90 percent pain free and encouraged me to look into massage school."

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