Skaneateles: Couple finds joy in using electric Prius

While the car has a factory provided and installed battery, the life wasn't long enough. So in 2008, Dick and Jane made the decision to spend $10,000, take the car to Boston and have an auxiliary battery installed in the back end where a spare tire would normally be stored.

The lithium ion battery is a lot lighter than others, Dick said, particularly for the amount of charge it holds. To fully charge the battery takes about five hours.

Nearly 100,000 miles have been driven, the engine is still in top shape and the Wileys are able to know they are driving a vehicle that not only helps to save them money, but also has helped cut down on how big their carbon footprint is.

Despite troubles Toyota has had with accelerators sticking and brakes not working on some of their models, Jane said the Prius has been trouble free.

"We have 115,000 miles on it and haven't had any problems," Jane said.

Notwithstanding the economics behind their purchase, the Wileys discovered greater reasons and better use of the electric car after a conversation at their church in Camillus.

With gas and oil being natural resources and there being finite amounts of each, their uses are only going to be good for as long as there is a supply.

"We were talking about the environment and stewardship," Dick said. "If everything comes from God, we only have use of it temporarily."

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