Looking Backward: A Tragedy In Crow Hollow -- Part Two

This column concludes the tale "A Tragedy in Crow Hollow." Aptly named for its abundant black birds, Crow Hollow sits in a valley one mile northeast of Iona Corners. In 1912, Jake and Nettie Lyon bought the Albert Howe farm there, where Hoag Road West dead-ends at Sheets Road.

The Lyon farm included 65 acres, an apple orchard, timber lot, raspberry patch, six cows and three horses. Jake hired Pete Markell of Iona Corners to help, but Pete soon turned his attentions to Jake's older daughter, Carrie. Another admirer, George Forbes of Memphis, was also smitten with her sister, Leona. By spring, 1917, Carrie and Leona were 30 and 19.

Peter asked Carrie to marry, albeit against her parents' wishes. She insisted that he first raise $500 and quit drinking. Carrie's conditional acceptance of Peter's proposal fueled the couple's correspondence that spring. Then, a fit of jealousy hit Peter and his passions took over.

In a local paper, Nettie stated that, "We told Carrie that she ought not to marry a whiskey drinker and Mr. Lyon told Peter to keep away from the house .Last Sunday a young man came here to call on Carrie's sister, and the former (Carrie) met him at Memphis and walked home with him. Peter passed them on this bicycle and seemed angry.'"

Peter replied "that he saw she had another fellow, and asked if she did not love him any more. She did not answer, but Peter hung around the farm several days, so finally yesterday she sent a note by her sister, Leona, telling him she would see him." Leona delivered it on her way to Warners. Peter cut cross-lots from Iona Corners, traversing several fields to reach Crow Hollow. Carrie said that he suddenly surprised her in the raspberry patch behind the house.

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