Snowmen celebrate five in the 'Cuse

Did you know Syracuse is the only city in the world that hosts a snowman convention?

It's hard to believe it's only been five years the snowmen have been convening in the city of Syracuse. But for Skiddy, the Snow Kid, it's a lifetime.

Don't know Skiddy? He's blue; not sad, but in color.

Skiddy is the snowman of color named for Skiddy Park on the West Side.

He is the literal poster child of the Great Snowman Convention that was originated through the Sunnycrest Park Association to celebrate a great CNY resource - snow.

But these are not your average snowpeople. Instead these are artistic renderings. The convention functions much like an art exposition held in the Syracuse's Parks ice rinks at Meachem and Sunnycrest. The artists are typically school age and have been creating as you read this for a judgment day of Feb. 1.

Syracuse Park Conservancy President Mike Behnke said that seven non-profits are entering this year to compete against the city of Syracuse School District entrants.

Carol Terry who is the director of fine arts for the City of Syracuse School District said 12 schools are working on snowpeople this year. Each school and organization handles its own judging.

The theme this year is recycling. Terry said they leave it loose without many directives to see what results.

"I can't wait to see what they come up with -- great for the imagination," she said, noting that she was over at Van Duyn and one pre-school class was using the elements of a snowman to learn to count.

One year a teacher used the snowman convention as an opportunity to study science. There was an in-depth study into snowflakes and it was discovered that the more moisture in the flake the better the snowman. Go figure.

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