Shards away!

Fagan also noted that the De-Icicler can be used for removal of the ice chunk that forms near the wheels on a car.

"In the morning, a lady will come out in her dress shoes on her way to work and try to kick the ice block. What happens? She breaks her shoe, or worse, her toes. This is perfect to avoid that," he said.

The name De-Icicler is simple, said Fagan. "You have 'de-' which means to take away, and 'icicle' is pretty self explanatory, so it was the best way to explain the product. As soon as you say the name, you know what it is and what it does."

The product consists only of the steel head, or blade, which fits on any standard "acme thread" handle that can be purchased seperately, said Fagan. This includes any broom handles or painters polls. He suggests a fiberglass pole because it will not conduct electricity if you accidentally swipe a telephone or electrical wire in the process.

The De-Icicler is not made to knock down large, unkempt icicles, however. It is only for normal maintenance of small to medium icicles, before they get out of hand.

"My motto is remove icicles when they are small. Cut the grass before it is four feet tall," said Fagan.

The product will be available for approximately $19 by the end of this winter.

For more information about the De-Icicler, contact Eddie Fagan Enterprises at efent1@verizon.net.

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