Winter memories bring warmth

Winter, many of us think of this season as boring, or at best, think there is little to do. There are many memories of mine and from friends that appear to contradict this philosophy.

What about the driving lessons that Dad would give to new drivers in off peak/empty parking lots. One learned how to pump brakes, come out of fishtailed spins, and start and stop without spinning wheels.

How about ice fishing with skates on checking those tip-ups.

Tobogganing down farmer's fields navigating those tree lined 'slopes.'

Ice hockey on the back woods ponds that had to be shoveled off time and time again.

Snowshoeing through the woods during the daytime or at night.

Sledding on the Flexible Flyer down dirt roads for up to a half mile of clear sailing.

Fox and Hounds with the 'course' made with one's feet in the snow on the lawn.

And of course the big bonfires to keep warm during these events.

Ruffed Grouse hunting after a two foot snowfall when the birds would bury themselves in the snow and then come thundering out, almost at one's feet, scaring you half to death and of course disappearing into the Alders with all feathers intact.

Piling the k ids into the family car to go and find the best of the best Christmas home illuminations. There was one family, that year after year, had such a spectacular display that you could almost hear the Philadelphia Electric meter hum with delight.

Did you ever take the kids out in the woods and looking for animal tracks. Deer, coyote, fox, grouse, mice, squirrel, rabbit, mink, ermine, weasel, otter, muskrat, skunk, raccoon, duck, goose, pheasant, turkey, pigeon and more?

Finding a street chestnut vendor and buying a paper bag of steaming hot fragrant chestnuts with a cup of melted butter.

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