Ducks, damage and the GEM gets tucked away

Last Wednesday there was an epilogue to the duck report. A large group of diving ducks showed up. It was a mixed bag that contained Mergansers, Buffleheads and Redheads. There were also about 125 Canada Geese. The Buffleheads are still hanging around, popping up and down.

There have also been several reports of white geese to the west of our area. This timing makes sense, because we used to see huge Snow Geese groups on the flats east of Lake Champlain and west of Vermont Route 7 after spending Thanksgiving at our condo at Sugarbush.

Damage along the shore

The wind and high water caused a lot of damage Saturday and Sunday along the lee shores of the lake. There was enough easterly in the wind that it really thundered into Bentley Cove with a vengeance. All types of docks and shore stuff were flying by. It caused such turbulence in the water that the City had to issue turbidity alerts.

Electric cars in winter

On Thursday, the winter house was erected and the electric GEM car was tucked in for the snow season. The GEM car has a small fan that blows warm air for defrosting or defogging the windshield. With canvas side curtains, there is no attempt to provide warmth for passengers. If you sucked enough amp hours out of the batteries for creature comfort, there would not be much left for locomotion. I believe that this is one of the drawbacks to using electric vehicles in areas with severe cold or heat.

The GM Volt has an onboard fuel-driven generator that will be able to handle this problem. I don't know how much running AC or heat will detract from the hundred mile range of the Nissan Leaf. We'll know soon, as cars are being delivered in select markets right now.

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