Where have all my cowboys gone?

A friend was recently visiting from Rhode Island, and while on Facebook she said, "How do they know I'm in Skaneateles? There's an ad for the Sherwood Inn on here."

We discussed how "they" track us now - GPS technology or something like that. How "they" know everything about us. Then, we all threw out what ads we frequently see.

My brother Steve said he always gets the FIND WOMEN OVER 40. His 12-year-old daughter Dana said, she just gets ads for all the games that frequently contain viruses

Mine just says "FIND YOUR COWBOY!"

Pretty much as time went on, whenever I was on Facebook, there was a cowboy staring up at me from the right side of the screen.

Trust me, I was tempted.

Come on, I grew up with the Cartwright boys, The Rifleman and Jim West.

But now that I think about it, I also grew up with Napoleon Solo, Hercules, Lloyd Bridges and Bozo.

Where were all the ads for clowns, muscle men, deep sea divers and spies?

I loved "It takes a thief." No burglars? Not even one who could possibly steal my heart?

Nope, just cowboys. Something about me translates digitally into, cows and boys.

So, recently I updated my profile, and switched my relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single."

In an instant, I had four ads for men: "Find your millionaire," "Your next husband here," "Make him addicted to you," "Meet faithful Christian men," plus, a 'how to' on "The perfect Cosmopolitan."

The later, I believe was a drink, rather than a cosmopolitan male, which I believe would be called, a Metro.

It was amazing how quickly my life had changed - a key stroke.

Then, I thought, "What about the cowboy," which led me to deduce that if I was in a relationship, it would be okay to be longing for a cowboy. Perhaps even run off with a cowboy. But, when not in a relationship, I needed to get down to serious relationship business, by first drinking a Cosmo, and then setting out to get me a millionaire or a husband or a stalker or perhaps all three in one, like the Holy Trinity of man. That combo would keep me warmer than any laptop.

Once I was settled in, I could go back to the wide open spaces, and dreaming of riding and roping those little doggies all day, longin' for my cowpoke. Drinking cowboy coffee. A life in the bunkhouse, or preferably the open range. Trade in the Cosmo for Whisky, straight.

So, now I'm curious, what ads do you get if you're married?

Ellen Leahy is the editor of the Skaneateles Press - reach her at editor@skaneatelespress.com or 729-5063.

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