City unveils new anonymous tip line

On Monday Dec. 13, the city of Syracuse unveiled a new tactic to fight gun violence in the community, an anonymous gun tip hotline.

The "Raise Your Hands, Raise Your Voices" campaign includes donated advertising space on digital billboards throughout the city, posters and public radio service announcements.

"If you know where an illegal gun is, or if you know someone who has an illegal gun, this tip line will allow you to call in and leave that information," said Mayor Stephanie Miner.

She said most of the gun violence the city had experienced throughout the year had involved illegal or stolen guns.

"Young people are stashing these guns all over the place - start at home," said Chief of Police Frank Fowler. He suggested parents or guardians who have observed suspicious activity from a child should check any area of the home that the child considers their private space - especially bedrooms and closets.

Beyond the home, Fowler said vacant buildings in many communities are being used to stash "community guns," weapons kept in a secret place for use by several individuals, such as members of the same gang.

"There's someone in the neighborhood that sees this activity, going back and forth to vacant building," Fowler said. "That is suspicious activity. That's the type of stuff you can call anonymous tip hotline to report."

To report an illegal gun, suspicious activity or share any other information with the police anonymously, call 442-5300.

Think what you know isn't important enough to call the police with - or that they probably already know the details? Call anyway.

"Let us determine whether the information is pertinent," Fowler said.

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