MySpace page suggests prelude to passion killing of Jenni-Lyn

Sometime around April 2010, Jenn-ay posted a brief comment about dating:

"Boys give me headaches," she wrote.

'back off'

Pieper was jealous of Jenni-Lyn's apparent college suitors.

After a message in which a young man told her, "you're beautiful," Pieper sternly warned: "Guy below me shes mine nd she knows she gorgeous so back off."

Overall, Pieper's ungrammatical pleas exude self-pity:

"uuhhh...seriously my life went from happy to sad in like [.]3795734895734856 sec. i dnt even kno y i try ne more."


"so this chick right here jenni-lyn marie watson is my bestfriend nd i love her nd i dnt want her to leave me i hope the rest of the school yr goes by really slow even tho i hate school so...much but i really dnt wanna c her go."

But now she's gone forever...

Revealing photos

The murdered girl's MySpace page also contained dozens of revealing photos, including more than two dozen images of Steven Pieper. Most of those show him holding or kissing her. In a few, he's petting one of two puppies and smiling broadly.

In one picture Pieper and Jenni-Lyn can be seen nearly head-to-toe facing the camera. As he stands behind her and hugs her tightly with both arms, he towers over his petite girlfriend making it abundantly clear how much bigger and stronger Pieper is. Jenni's fingers curl around his left forearm, and the little gemstone he gave her sparkles on the ring finger of her left hand.

Another shot is particularly haunting. It's just the two of them walking down a shoveled sidewalk on a snowy evening. Their backs are to the camera as they stroll silently away together into the darkness.

The Jenni-Lynn Watson page can be found at myspace.com/hotdancebabe313.

Russ Tarby is a longtime columnist for Eagle Newspaper's Liverpool Review and The Eagle. He also writes about crime, entertainment and Syracuse's sports. Reach Russ at russtarby@netscape.net.

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