MySpace page suggests prelude to passion killing of Jenni-Lyn

Editor's note: I thought readers would find this information helpful, if there was a concern about a relationship among family or friends.

Her friends called her Jenn-ay, she said on MySpace, "like in 'Forest Gump.'"

Unlike the movie Jenn-ay, however, there was no birth of a bouncing baby boy for Jenni-Lyn Watson, no marriage to a humble hero. But like her namesake film character, Jenni-Lyn would die young.

What had appeared to be an idyllic romance between 20-year-old Jenni-Lynn and 21-year-old Steven Pieper apparently devolved into a homicidal rage that left the girl dead and the guy charged with her murder.

The lovely and talented ballerina was murdered Nov. 19. Her body was found eight days later in a weedy marsh near Clay Central Park, halfway between the couple's family homes.

Sheriff's investigators and District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick say Jenni-Lyn broke up with Pieper in early-October after an 18-month-long relationship during which the young man bought the young woman a ring.

Messages posted by Pieper on Watson's MySpace page, however, paint a picture of a seesaw relationship that left him jealous, rejected and angry.

Escalating anger

Initially, his anger was joking in nature, as in this line posted in November 2009 while Watson studied dance at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa.: "u better keep in touch or ill come to pa nd kick ur ass," Pieper wrote.

By February, though, the young man's anger had turned serious and sarcastic:

"i miss u, stop by my house soon," he implored, soon followed by the annoyed observation, "so your home nd ur ass dont even call me :p."

In other postings, Pieper actually sounds resigned to the end of the romance:

"babe the summer is almost ovr nd ur ganna leave me just wanted to say thanks for everything we have had some pretty interesting times (...lol we kicked ass at beer pong even though we had like a million tacos before that) we have been through a lot together and im sad to see you go but i know ur goin to pursue ur dreams ur ganna be famous one day i know it, and were still ganna hang out when u come back to visit cuz no matter what i still live down the street :p love you."

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