Finally some action on the lake

Well, there was finally some action along the lakeshore. For the last week, there has been a group of six Mergansers, diving around my dock and moving off to the north along the shore. A group of eight Buffleheads bobbed around with very bright white colors. One would think they were all heated up about breeding. I have watched Mallards go after each other to mate, but I've never watched diving ducks do it.

Years ago Mr. Larrabee (Skaneateles Trains) fed Mallards and White Ducks along the creek next to the Handicrafters building on Railroad Street (Now Bixler's Press and West Lake Conservators). Sue had not had an agricultural background and asked what was going on in the creek with the splashing and thrashing around. Mr. Larrabee simply stated, "They're just doing what comes naturally."

Friday afternoon I returned from scoring 40 pound bags of sunflower seeds at a great price. It was a great deal, but I also had to buy a 24 gallon steel garbage can to safeguard the birds' treasure from the voracious chipmunks in my garage. My helper forgot to put the lid on my smaller covered can while I was away and the chippies reduced my stocks to a few hulls in a day or so.

After unloading my find, I noticed a big 50 plus gathering of what I deduced were Black Ducks. They looked something like a black Mallard. The flock paddled off in a northerly direction and has not been seen since. The light was very poor and it was difficult to really see if these ducks matched the features described in my book.

There are small groups of Canada Geese in the coves on the north and west side of the lake. I saw one noisy V formation of Canada Geese - about 60 to 75 - flying in a lazy circle. I suppose they were arguing about which cornfield would be the best for picking.

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