Hot, hotter, hottest!

Way before hot peppers became a hot item on the food scene, Allen H. Freitag fell in love. It started in high school (SCS class of 1979). Freitag experimented with growing many varieties of peppers on his family's farm on Route 321 in Skaneateles. All peppers, but especially the hot ones!

Today he grows, dries, grinds, pickles and most importantly eats especially hot peppers.

"Every once in a while I find something new these days," he said.

This time of year he exchanges his hot peppers for venison in his industrial dryer, usually drying about 300 pounds of venison for his own use and for friends.

"It makes great jerky," he said.

A special treat Freitag was enjoying at the end of the summer was a fiery peach. Freitag picked a tiny pepper from his Prairie Fire Pepper hanging plant. He took a paring knife and sliced into the pepper, then with the same knife Freitag cut a fresh, ripe Red Haven Peach in half. That miniscule amount of hot pepper juice flavored the peach. The result was a hot, sweet, juicy peach.

Got a question about peppers? Freitag is your man. Visit him at Freitag's Farm Stand on Route 321.

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