Village highlights from Nov. 21

Apparently Weitzman offered to pay for this work personally out of pocket. He was presented with the village plan, and followed it, which included footing the bill.

Municipal Board Member David Blackwell, who first brought the problem of the lighting being too high to the village board, was concerned about the village not following through on a plan to reduce the level of lighting so that it conformed with the rest of the village.

Green said they were instead looking into shades that would direct the lighting downward. He said he was concerned that if they turned off two lights, would they then have to remove the lamp posts, too.

Orchard Road water back from lab

Lotkowictz reported that his department did get the water report back from the county. "it's definitely groundwater," he said. "If you had sanitary water, there would be ammonia detectable."

This sample is from one of four homes on Orchard that have been having a problem with water backing up in their cellars.

"I am making a suggestion to look at their laterals," Lotkowictz said. There could be blockages or tree roots in these pipes which are often only four inches in diameter. This could very well be backing up the ground water. He wants to run a lateral camera through the pipes.

It was noted that maybe a connection came lose or was crushed during construction related to the Parkside Development.

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