A final farewell

"I watched you take that baby step," Pompei said to the family. "I've watched the Lord bless you."

Applause was offered for those who led the charge, like Kelly Kinahan and her sister Stacey, as they got the word out about Jenni-Lyn's disappearance, as flyers were made and the nation began checking faces wondering where the young woman was.

Applause was offered for those who aided in creating websites and those who tweeted about the missing girl and sent the message that she was missing viral via Facebook and YouTube.

"God was in everyone who searched," Pompei said.

When death and fear renders us powerless, faith must take a stand.

"Where's your power now? You wounded us deeply, but we're still here. Jenni-Lyn still lives because of our God who gives life," he said. "God and Jenni-Lyn have gathered us here and, in love, they can renew us and restore us."

While he did not know her, Pompei said he's been talking to Jenni-Lyn and asked for her to "let us see your face" and always make us aware of her.

"Jenni-Lyn, I didn't know you. I didn't know you, sweetheart," he said. "Thank you, Jenni-Lyn, thank you ... for all you've given me this last week."

Jenni-Lyn's mother, Jackie, signed her daughter's name into the church's Book of Life.

Father Robert Hyde said he was praying for Jenni-Lyn, and for peace. During a final commendation, he read the invitation to prayer:

"Trusting in God, we have prayed together for Jenni-Lyn and now we come to the last farewell. There is sadness in parting, but we take comfort in the hope that one day we shall see Jenni-Lyn again and enjoy her friendship. Although this congregation will disperse in sorrow, the mercy of God will gather us together again in the joy of his kingdom," he said. "Therefore let us console one another in the faith of Jesus Christ."

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