WA rolls out Electronic Vitals Documentation

"Anytime we are able to help two leading CNY employers to partner on a project such as this one, it is great for the local economy," Magnarelli said.

Meyers again thanked Magnarelli noting that it must have been especially difficult to garner these funds in such a difficult budget year.

The demo

AnneMarie Czyz, MS, RN, chief nursing officer at St. Joseph's directed a demonstration of the new device compared to the former 'in patient room' documenting of vitals. The comparison was night and day with a familiar scenario of a nurse looking all over and moving devices around, navigating over cords, performing a couple of tasks before looking for another device and then manually taking notes. Compared to WA's EVD, which is one piece of equipment by the bed where the nurse was able to quickly capture and record all the vital statistics on the one device, as well as send electronically to the doctor's Blackberry.

"Great technology, it's about workflow," Czyz said. "It's the first technology that we can say we are saving time."

Meyers said this is another example of WA advancing frontline care. Not only is the staff minimizing errors, but also, their work satisfaction is up because of the streamlined workflow. There is more time to spend with the patients rather than with paperwork.

St. Joe's outgoing President, Theodore Pasinski, acted the part of the patient in the demonstration, while two St. Joe's nurses played themselves. He said he was thrilled to have this project at St. Joe's and remarked on his working relationship with WA and how fortunate it was to have a company of WA's caliber in the area.

Deployment of the devices

St. Joe's will be able to purchase 68 WA EVD with the state money. It is believed that the devices will be installed within the next 60 to 90 days. Over time St. Joe's hopes to be able to integrate the devices into other departments, such as the Emergency Department.

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