Meet the ghost of Morris's past

Revisit a former landmark at the Creamery this month:

Did you know that poetry was once as mainstream as any other form of writing? In fact, it actually predates prose as a form of literary communication and even the novel, a relative newcomer. It wasn't relegated to slim books in hushed corners of libraries or read only by poets in dark coffeehouses, instead it was as mainstream as Beatle lyrics are today or a recipe in a non-food magazine or a whodunnit. You get the picture?

The good news is that Skaneateles poet Mary Gardner is bringing poetry back to the people in her collaboration with visual artist and graphic designer Marian Settineri. Here you really do get a picture. A poem, complete with a colored pencil illustration of the subject matter all laid out in a uniquely shaped greeting card. It's a rectangle, but not just rectangular, but also vertical in structure. It stands out in a world of square cards.

"I've always been a little bit of a rebel," Gardner said.

This is precisely what the ladies look for when they choose their subject matter - standout images in the Skaneateles community. But these ladies didn't start with the iconic gazebo or the Sherwood Inn or Doug's popular GOOD FOOD fish fry or even just the glorious lake. Instead they first captured the pier shooting out into the lake at Christmas. That's pier, lake, tree. A moment in time that rolls around each year, titled, "Secrets of the Pier."

For their second act the ladies have brought back the late Morris's Grill complete with a motorcycle. It's titled "The Ghost of Morris's Past."

Gardner, known for her pinpoint poetic imagery, tells it like it was, while Settineri rolls out a colorful vibrant image rather than the standard pen and ink.

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