Historic Route 20 home faces demolition

Preservationists are up in arms now that a historic home at the edge of the village faces demolition.

Property owner David Muraco felt it was his right to demolish a home on his property at the southeast end of the village. But when he applied for a permit, he immediately met resistance from those in favor of preservation, including members of the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation and the Historic Business District of Cazenovia, who feel the historic Enders Farm House on Route 20 is an important part of the gateway between the edge of the village and the town.

"What started this is that there's a wrecked barn," Muraco said. "The barn's about to fall down ... [tenants] are forbidden to go into that barn because it's actually dangerous."

Muraco applied for a demolition permit and was made to go through a lengthy process.

"I thought I might as well go through for the whole property," he said.

While gas station/convenience store franchise Nice and Easy has expressed an interest in the parcel, nothing has been officially determined.

Ted Bartlett believes the historic Enders house should be preserved.

"Others in the community are mobilizing, I believe, in support of saving the house where it is. The site, setting, house and barn create a great buffer and village edge between ag lands and commercial," he said. "Sort of a line in the sand."

Bartlett is against moving the house.

"While the owner has offered the house to anyone who will move it, that is a last resort and should not be part of the discussions until all the other issues have played out," he said. "Any funding for moving it would probably have to be private or not-for-profit."

But Muraco believes moving the house is the only viable solution. The Cazenovia Preservation Foundation owns a piece of land immediately to the right of his property, and Muraco said that they could move the house there.

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