On stage:Seventy-six thumbs up for The Music Man

The Skaneateles Summer Theatre (SST) production of The Music Man opened and closed this past weekend after a summer of hard work from the cast and crew.

For those unfamiliar with The Music Man story, it tells the tale of traveling salesman Harold Hill (Stephen Gamba) as he tries to swindle the small town of River City, Iowa, into purchasing musical instruments and uniforms for the prospect of forming a children's band. Many obstacles stand in his way, like the suspicious Mayor Shinn (Simon Moody) and his right hand men who form a barbershop quartet (Mickey Kringer, Steve Condie, Daniel Kringer and Steven Bellamy), as well as the town librarian Marian Paroo (Abigail Kilcoyne) who doesn't buy his disguise for a minute but whom Harold must woo in order to succeed.

While the story is entertaining, it's the music that gets the audience tapping their toes and enjoying the show as much as the people on stage. The entire cast is very talented in the singing and dancing, and though all of the leads are great individually the show really shines in the full cast numbers like Seventy-Six Trombones or The Wells Fargo Wagon.

The show cast its characters quite well. Simon Moody and Michaela Corp play their characters (Mayor Shinn and wife Eulalie, respectively) to a key without overdoing it. Ed Beck plays Hill's fellow salesman Marcellus with the perfect rascally attitude. The Quartet singers Mickey Kringer, Steve Condie, Daniel Kringer and Steve Bellamy sound magical together, a true barbershop quartet.

Adopting an Irish accent, Janet Kringer garnered many laughs as Mrs. Paroo, and young Zachary Driscoll as Winthrop, a boy with a lisp, brought a childhood innocence into play.

Even in some minor roles the cast had a few standouts.

College student Colgan McNeil as Tommy Djilas, while never having his moment in the spotlight, stood out in his acting and his body movement. It's obvious he's having the time of his life on stage and that is the key to an entertaining performance. The young Katherine Krebs also stood out as Amaryllis in acting and singing, a natural at both.

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