Caz: Squawks blocked, board says 'nay' to fowl in village

Van Arnam was concerned about the space between village homes.

"Village houses are very close together; the lot sizes are generally smaller in the village," she said.

Porter spoke from his own experience; his family had chickens when he was a child, and he raised chickens himself in college.

"I don't think chickens are generally too odorous unless you really let the manure accumulate," Porter said. "I like the idea of the sustainability aspect of it. I like the idea of people using the scraps they would throw away to produce eggs."

The mayor and two trustees dismissed the idea based on their concerns about odor, upkeep, noise and requests for more exotic wild animals.

"I like chickens," said the mayor. "I actually like Kentucky Fried Chicken the best," he joked. "I just think it's not what we should be doing."

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