Macker basketball show comes to Cicero

A sun-drenched Saturday marked the beginning of the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament in Cicero's Drivers Village, which continued into Sunday.

The Macker tournament was first played in 1974, as 18 players played for $18 in a driveway. The players kept playing in driveways and on the surrounding street.

In 1985 the tournament gained major national exposure as Alexander Wolff wrote an article about the tournament published in Sports Illustrated. Ever since, The Macker has become a well-known tournament on the national level and takes place over the summer at many different locations and in many different states.

Though the Macker has rapidly expanded, this is the first time that it has come to the Syracuse area. And it left a lasting impression upon all the locals.

The tournament had a carnival feel to it, as multiple tents were set up in the grass. There, spectators could register for prizes, grab a bite to eat and even buy clothing and other merchandise.

However, these tents weren't too busy, as the action on the 10 or so courts attracted most of the fans and spectators.

"Everybody was having fun" says Lauren Halinski, a local basketball fan, "The younger players have a bigger crowd because of their families and the weather was great."

Temporary courts were set up in the middle of a closed road that ran right through Drivers Village. The courts were right next to each other and ran the full length of the street, forming around 12 half-court games being played at once.

The teams were made up of men and women of all ages, ranging from kids age 7 playing all the way up to middle aged men and women.

Regardless of age, each team consisted of four players and were matched up based on age, plus experience and height to create maximum excitement, competitiveness and fun.

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