Town of Clay weekly playground roundup July 26- July 30

Bear Road Elementary

This week was our long-awaited Town Penny Carnival. On Wednesday night kids and families gathered at Clay Park Central to play carnival games that were run by all of the town employees. Bear Road ran four games at this year's carnival.

Bri DeSarro and Billy Swanson ran "plinko," where kids tried to aim for the larger numbered slots while tossing a golf ball. Joey Newton and Pat Kenyon ran "coin cup." The goal of this game was to aim pennies into plastic cuts that were placed in a small pool. Danielle LaTour and Jordyn Tracy ran "balloon darts," where six balloons filled with water were pinned to the tree. The kids were given two shots to try and pop the balloons. Alex Hirsh ran a ducky fishing game, where each duck had a number on the bottom that corresponded with that many pieces of candy. All had a fun time.

Next week we will have Game Show Day, Blast to the Past Day, and pool party games.

Monterey/ Cherrington/ Merrill Farms

Another week has come and gone here at Monterey. It feels odd to think that August is here. Although the weather has not been in our favor, the kids still come everyday eager to play.

Due to lower numbers, Kimbrook Park was removed from the playground program. Although we were sad to see this park go, it was very exciting to begin camp at another park, Merrill Farms.

On Wednesday, our campers took part in the Penny Carnival at Clay Park Central. Multiple games cost one penny and the kids were rewarded with candy and raffle tickets for prizes. Our park games included a shoe toss and old fashioned water brigade. All the kids had fun, and pizza and drinks were available for purchase.

As we hit the home stretch for summer '10, campers are excited for what's to come in our final two weeks.

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