Syracuse Poster Project: National Poetry Month Finale ...

The act of writing a haiku is far simpler than the art of writing one. While the concept seems simple, three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables, the resulting poem is essentially a complete story -- an introduction, body and conclusion in three lines -- that allows the reader to fill in the essence.

The following are either selections for the 2010 Syracuse Poster Project (posterproject.org) or those selected as the best of the ones not chosen to be illustrated.

Carbonated jazz,

sloe gin soul with open mic,

two drink minimum.

Elisabeth M. Anderson

Blue moon, Big Dipper

Sunflowers under porch lights

Peace on the South Side

Claire Bobrycki

Black coffee only

Cappuccino and latt (c)

just hold up the line

Herm Card

Clinton Square fountain

soaks me intermittently.

You carry my shoes.

Jane Cassady

Ears flapping in wind

trying to keep the dog's pace

walking me instead

Cynthia DeKing

Canal over creek,

yearning for one another;

waters never blend.

Elizabeth Dunn

Travel ways snaking

over, under, tying fast

asphalt ribbons home

Jennifer Groff

sumac growing wild

right in Columbus Circle!

someday, a forest

Catherine Landis

White trilliums light

the dark forest floor glowing

ghostly like spilled stars

Peggy Liuzzi

Summer sun mirrors

A gallery of faces

Salina glitters

Michael McAnaney

The last dish is fired

Kiln's cooled, now the auction starts

Good-bye my old friend

Wendy Moleski

Siren warbles past

flashing lights, weaving traffic

nine-one-one response

William Padgett

In this Salt City

Spirit of industry born

Sugar maples bloom

U.V. Ray (Mark Bickley)

Stone throwers were right--

What would Tipp Hill be without

that green-on-top light?

Michele Reed

The flock of pigeons

Boards the westward bound Centro

As the engine purrs

Leora Sapon-Shevin

Bluebirds strafe two cats

as they stroll down Midland Ave.

A bulldog watches.

Bryan Wilbur

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