iPad on task in CNY

Just as people are considering whether they need the new iPad, some Central New York residents have found uses for it in their everyday lives.

The iPad is the latest gadget from Apple, Inc. that is a tablet computer for consuming print media, entertainment, and for internet access. Since consumers lined up for the iPad April 3, some said they used their iPad as a music player, a library for books, and even, for patient care, among other uses. From some consumer's reactions, the iPad's major draw seems to be its convenience, screen size and the various programs on it called "Apps," available in the iPad App Store.

Tyler Brown, a sophomore at SUNY Potsdam, said he bought the iPad the first day it came out to read his textbooks for school and take notes in class. Brown, from the town of Philadelphia, N.Y., said he would upload all of his textbooks on his iPad using the Amazon's kindle application or Apples, Inc.'s iBook app next semester.

"In stead of carrying eight text books, I can put all my text books on the iPad," said Brown, 20.

Apple shipped more than 500,000 iPads to stores in its first week out, resulting in a delay of the iPad's international launch, Apple announced in a press release April 14. Because of the pressure on the supply of units, and the number of preorders for the iPad 3G, the version with a AT&T cellular network, Apple extended iPad's international launch to the end of May, a month later than planned. Despite the promising sales numbers though, the question remains whether consumers are ready to drop at least $499 for another mobile device and if they do how will these people actually use the multifunctional device.

People have found surprising uses for the iPad. A doctor, from north of Syracuse, bought his iPad last week, and uploaded his medical books onto it to show the diagrams and large pictures accurately. He said he also wants to use the iPad to entertain the children patients who come in for a test or treatment.

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