Art in Motion: Salina Street isn't Dead

A plan that has been in the works for several years is to move the main bus stops from the four corners of the Salina/Fayette intersection.

She said, "Why?"

Her conclusion was the only reason to do this was to move, "Those people off Salina Street."

She quoted from Jane Jacobs' The Death and Life of Great American Cities; "People should cross each other in the heart of a city."

Fullilove said the bus stop is one node of activity, while Armory Square is another. Compare (especially this time of year) Armory's trees flowering to the tree-less, flowerless Salina Street.

"There is nothing wrong with the street (Salina)," she said. Rather it's the message the city is sending as to the drastic difference in care to the two areas. Also the intended target doesn't suffer as much as the group as a whole.

Urban planning and renewal

Fullilove said it's not hard coming up with a great plan, rather it's difficult to sell a great plan.

She put up a triptych by Cantal-Dupart where three circles -- history, function and imagination intersect; that intersection is what we want to see in our urban environments and especially on our Main Streets.

"Mindy's work reminds us that urban spaces are not just questions of geography or architecture but are also psychological places filled with memory and meaning.

Efforts to revitalize and redefine Syracuse's downtown need to take account of the neighborhoods that were there before urban renewal transformed our city," said Kendall Phillips, professor and chair of the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies in SU's College of Visual and Performing Arts.

What is Art in Motion?

Jan Cohen Cruz and Imaging America headquartered on the SU campus have created the project Art in Motion, partnering with Open Hand Theater's Geoff Navias and Syracuse Stage's Lauren Unbekant to create a public arts spectacle this Fall in Syracuse.

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