North Syracuse to allow seasonal food vendors

After a few weeks of consideration, the North Syracuse Village Board approved an amendment to a local law that will allow seasonal food vendors in the community.

The village will now allow food vendors, such as those that sell hotdogs, to set up temporary locations according to the following fees: $50 for a three-day license; $200 for 120 days; $15 for a renewal or replacement; and $10 for a required background check. All safety precautions such as opened flames on vendor carts will also be upheld.

The board made a resolution to amend the local law and another for the amendment to the license fees. Both were passed unanimously at the Village Board meeting held at 4:30 p.m. April 22 at the Community Center.

Village Trustee Gary Butterfield asked whether or not vendors could request specific locations or if there would be a stipulation on how close one vendor could be in relation to another.

Butterfield said a village resident asked him if there would be a possibility for such requests since vendors would be paying for licenses. In the case of a community festival, Butterfield said vendors understand that is an event where they would be "on top of each other," but for this case there are concerns for locations.

Village Attorney Heather Cole suggested that the board see how the new agreements work out and then decide if further amendments need to be made.

From a safety standpoint, Wayne Dean, codes officer for the village and the town of Cicero, said his "number one concern is traffic and pedestrians." As long as those safety conditions were kept in mind, Dean said the distance between the vendors would not be a major concern.

Dean also asked the board if there has been any line in the application for a property owner to "sign off" on a seasonal vendor's presence. For example, if the vendor wants to set up in front of a commercial business, he or she will need consent from that specific village property owner.

Dean said the town of Cicero has currently reviewed that portion of vendor applications and would like to know if the village will do the same.

Cole said that portion of the application does not need to be added to the local law, but that it certainly can be added to the form potential vendors will fill out.

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