Remembering Aadon

It has been two years since the death of three-year-old Aadon Blu Olmsted, a Canastota boy who was killed by his mother's boyfriend, Jesse Snow.

After suffering through three weeks of abuse at the hands of Snow, Aadon passed away one month later, on the day a fundraiser was being held in his honor. Aadon died from a head trauma inflicted by Snow on Feb. 6 2008 after being in the hospital for an unspecified number of days.

Snow was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 23 years in state prison.

It is in his memory that his aunt Renee Olmsted and others have come together to prevent such abuse in the Oneida community. "Aadon's Peace Fund" is a foundation dedicated to the prevention and education of child abuse through various fundraising activities in Aadon's honor.

The fund provides education and tips regarding child abuse to area parents and children, as well as tools used in spotting alleged abuse.

The most recent purchase made by the fund was a special high-definition digital camera for use in the Oneida Healthcare Center emergency room. The camera is able to capture injuries that would otherwise go unseen by a typical camera. The photos are then used by law enforcement and in courtrooms as evidence of abuse.

Aadon's Peace Fund has also led to "Aadon's Pinwheels of Peace" gardens which can be spotted in four different areas in the Oneida, Canastota and Chittenango communities. Blue pinwheels in the shape of a peace sign can be seen on Route 5 in front of Oneida Healthcare, purposely placed for school children to see.

In a statement released by Olmsted, she says that "Pinwheels are a happy and uplifting symbol of childhood, and represent an image of hope, promise and optimism."

"Most kids who ride the bus are driven right by the hospital. It is important that they see what can happen as a result of abuse and are well informed," said Olmsted.

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