Skaneateles: Stop! Or maybe not...

What good is a three-way stop if people don't obey the signs?

That question was posed this week to Skaneateles Police Chief Lloyd Perkins after The Skaneateles Press counted as nine vehicles ran or rolled through two of the stop signs at Kelley and Fennell streets -- and that was only in a span of 10 minutes on March 25.

Now, the village board will once again take a look at the stop.

Mayor Bob Green said Friday that at the request of Trustee Marc Angelillo, the issue regarding the stop signs would be on the agenda for the Monday April 12 meeting for the possibility of a new local law eliminating the stop signs.

Green, who was opposed to the law and the stop signs last year, said his opinion has not changed.

"I have even been guilty of not stopping (not on purpose)," he wrote in an e-mail to the Press. "It's difficult to break old habits."

The stop signs were put in place shortly after the Skaneateles Village Board of Trustees voted Nov. 23 on a local law to turn the single stop at Kelley Street into a three-way stop.

After the village board had received input that some residents wanted the stop signs and crosswalks to make crossing the street safer for pedestrians, the board looked into the matter, eventually ending in a 3-2 vote for the three-way stop. Green and Angelillo voted against the law.

"For every citizen you make happy, you'll upset 15 more," Perkins said.

While the police department isn't in the business of making laws, they are tasked with enforcing them. However, a change like adding stops generally causes police officers to pause and give a grace period while people become accustomed to the modification.

That grace period is long gone at this point.

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