The coldest summer night

Coleman said for some reason he went out into the storm to see the bear, which turned out to be a rock. But that's when he found Will Terrall taking cover in the outhouse.

"We saw Will running down the trail with his puppy Ginger about two hours earlier. We later found out that a brown bear and her cub stopped Will from getting to the trail head," Coleman said. "I asked Will if he wanted to come in and try get warm. He came in our cabin and said he was waiting for his father."

While Terrall returned to the bitter weather to search for his dad, who had gotten turned around on the trail and separated from Terrall in the storm, Gibson and Coleman stayed in the cabin with Ginger. About an hour later, Gibson saw Terrall and Gerjevic coming down the trail.

"Once Frank was in the cabin, I soon realized he was in pretty bad shape. Frank was shivering uncontrollably and was having a hard time breathing. Lily was trying to take Frank's pulse, but was unable to," Coleman said.

Taking action, Grbavach, a wilderness first responder, wrapped Gerjevic's shoulders in plastic chest wrap and plastic shorts to retain his body heat and then wrapped him in three sleeping bags.

"I gave Frank all my warm clothes and my pack went under Frank's head. Vanessa gave Frank some sugar water to keep him hydrated. All three of us knew we had to act quick," Coleman said. "Once, I saw Frank, I knew he was in bad shape. It took about hour for Frank to start chatting to us. He was trying to figure how he got turned around."

Soon, Gerjevic was joking with the group about the situation and asking the lifesaving group where each was from. That's when they in turn found out Gerjevic is an editor at the Anchorage Daily News.

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