Skaneateles: Drainage district approved by town

After much discussion and a veritable "catch 22," the Skaneateles Town Board approved a drainage district Thursday Sept. 17 for the Hidden Estates subdivision.

According to project architect Bob Eggleston, town engineer Doug Wickman found everything to be in order for the drainage district. The almost 100-acre lot is to be divided into four six-acre lots with the remaining 74 acres to be left for either additional subdivision or a future park.

The board held a public hearing in regard to the drainage district requested by the land's owner. Eggleston said the drainage easements will be maintained by the homeowner's association through a fund each owner will contribute to.

"All who benefit by building in this watercourse pay to fix it -- now and a hundred years from now," Eggleston said.

Should the owner's not maintain the easement, such as having dredging performed to keep the drainage path clear, the town will have the right to enter the area and do the maintenance at the drainage district's cost.

"This procedure is really set up to protect the rest of the town from bearing the cost," Eggleston said.

During the course of the public hearing, concerns from neighboring residents were raised -- what is going to happen to the additional 70-plus acres of land, what the retention pond will look like and what happens to the water stored within it, and also where water will run off from and where it will go.

Eggleston said at one point the property was offered to the town, but there was a possibility of needing the property reduced to a 75-acre site. With that in mind, the property could serve the potential for a future park.

The land is also a conservation subdivision, which follows low density guidelines where each subdivided lot is six acres with specific areas within each lot that can be built on. As a conservation subdivision, the additional property does have the possibility of being further divided into eight additional conservation lots.

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