White sneakers' impress

Board president Mickey Moore said she was impressed with "all the bright white sneakers" throughout her rounds the Oneida City School district during the first week of school.

Jean Martin, a fourth-grade teacher at North Broad Street Elementary reported that the first day of school was filled with "lots of smiles" and that opening day went well.

Moore, Assistant Superintendent Mariann Nolan and Superintendant Ron Spadafora all reported that opening day went smoothly in all schools, including Durhamville Elementary where most students from Sylvan Verona Beach school were relocated. The increase in students at the school has and will continue to be monitored according to Nolan.

The school has already added an additional fourth grade class and the first and sixth grade classes are capped.

Kindergarden and sixth grade at Oneida Castle Elementary and fourth grade at Seneca Street Elementary were also capped at Tuesday's Board of Education meeting per the recommendation of Nolan and Spadafora.

"It is only the first day," Nolan said. "We expect there will be changes and we will continue to monitor enrollment at all the schools closely throughout the year."

John DiRuzzo of the Save Our School committee reiterated that concerned residents of Sylvan Verona Beach were raising funds to look into the legality of the school's closing last spring. He also told board members that there would be a representative from the committee at each board meeting until the matter is resolved.

The board also approved the contract with the Oneida Teacher Association, after a negotiation process that had lasted more than a year.

Former school board president David Woodcock was also in attendance and thanked the board for its "dedication and perseverance" in reaching a contract. He said he was appreciative of all the interests the board took into account during the negotiations including the teachers, taxpayers, students and community members.

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