B'ville: North Star classes

Dr. Joan Coff, chiropractor and Reiki master, will offer the following classes:

Wednesday Sept. 9

Aromatherapy basics

Learn how to choose the best oils for any condition including oils to increase immune system function, aid sleep, energize your body and help with headaches, joint or muscle pain and other conditions. Learn the difference between therapeutic grade and other grades of oils, how to apply oils safely and when oils use is appropriate.

Wednesday Sept. 16

Moving away from pharmaceuticals

Most people have over the counter drugs in the house and use them regularly. As more reports surface about the side effects of these drugs, it's good to know natural alternatives for pain relief, headaches, stomach upsets, colds, children's health concerns and a variety of other conditions that can safely be addressed with natural alternatives.

Wednesday Sept. 23

Map your way to health

If you had a clearer vision of the journey to health, would you take that journey? With so many choices, how do you know where to start? Create your own map to guide you to your vision of wellness. Learn seven steps to assist you in your journey. How to get started, how to set achievable goals, how to build a solid foundation for health, how to travel light, avoid wrong turns, recognize when your destination is at hand and how to maintain good health once you have arrived. We will use guided imagery, journal, introspection and discussion to create your own personal map. Bring a notebook, scissors, glue and a stack of your favorite magazines.

Monday Sept. 28

Gathering energy

Would you like to re-charge and re-energize? Learn how with easy energy gathering techniques drawn from ancient wisdom traditions. This class includes a 15-minute recorded shamanic drumming session, guided visualization and energy gathering body movement.

Monday Oct. 5

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