National Poetry Slam finalist Robbie Q. Telfer returns to Red House

National Poetry Slam finalist Robbie Q. Telfer returns to Red House to perform on Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. He will perform selections from his new book Spiking the Sucker Punch from Write Bloody Publishing. Robbie Q. is a singular poet and performer and Red House is exceptionally honored to host him for a second time.

According to Telfer, "As spoken word poetry moves into its adolescence, the performance poets who practice it are refining their presentation skills to make their live shows a thoroughly entertaining production. Blending the rhythms and aesthetics of poetry, theatre, stand-up, music, and a tiny bit of dance (just a little), Spiking the Sucker Punch is a live experience that attempts to shatter the familiar constructions of modern identity, sift through the soul-pile for the good chunks, and rebuild something that looks like who we were, but feel much more real."

The evening will also feature a performance of Everybody says the same bullshit in all lands and through all ages a study in accord and babble. Four voices speak simultaneously, and occasionally happen to pronounce the very same words simultaneously. The work explores timeless themes such as boredom, love, jealousy, contempt and exodus. Everybody says... premiered in New York in November 2005, and has been presented as an installation with recorded voices on several occasions. This is the first new performance of the work, with the voices of New York's Alexis Bhagat and Syracuse University's Tony Antoniadis, Ashley Farmer and Nadxieli Nieto-Hall.

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