Commentary: Chrysanthemum tea, an opponent to the flu

Your Chrysanthemums should be divided about every three to five years. This will encourage the most blooms. Divide them in the spring right when new growth appears. Dig up the entire plant and cut into smaller, separate the plants using a clean, sharp knife or garden spade. Toss out any dead or diseased plants. Replant the divided plants as soon as possible, watering well to settle the roots.

Many of us simply put mums in the ground in the fall and forget them. They seem to do OK with so little effort. As the Chinese say," If you would be happy for a lifetime, grow Chrysanthemums."

Whether or not they can help you fight the flu is another matter. Perhaps like influenza itself, a matter for the stars.

Paul Barbano lives in the town of Fenner where he pursues gardening and farming.

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