Three peas in a 'Tea Party' pod

With only one week to go before voters head to the polls, all three New York 23rd District candidates have been publicizing their endorsements on a daily basis. While television spots have been airing for about a month or more, one of the candidates, Conservative nominee Doug Hoffman, opened three more campaigning offices only two weeks before Election Day, one in Canastota. Hoffman also opened a location in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, where Democratic congressional candidate Bill Owens has somewhat of a stronger basis since he raised his family there and also served as a Captain at the Plattsburgh Air Force Base.

As for television advertisements, there may appear to be one too many placing one candidate or another in different light by associating them with current congressional leaders' views, such as raising taxes and increased spending, which of course isn't unusual for this stage of the game.

Along with Hoffman and Owens, Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava, are all racing to Capitol Hill for this special election because of the recent resignation delivered from Republican Representative John McHugh.

There have been several rumors and realities published in the media regarding the uproar of Tea Party activists who are itching for a liberal backlash. One news report quoted an activist saying that this special election would be "first electoral test of the nascent conservative movement's political muscle."

Hoffman received a nod from former Majority Leader Republican Dick Armey, who is also the chairman of FreedomWorks, an organization that has been involved in tea party events in the past. Army encouraged his fellow Conservative party members to follow his lead and support Hoffman during the nation's poor economic state.

In a recent article in The Post Standard, Armey said the Republican party has lost its way and that it isn't the direction the vacant congressional seat should be taken. Armey said the Republican party has been controlled by self-serving political objects and have been stuck in a state of favoring small government.

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