Skaneateles: Board split in stop sign vote

Trustee Marc Angelillo questioned the use of the P&C parking lot as many shoppers park there and then go over to Creekside due to the coffee shops lack of parking. Angelillo was concerned about P&C putting up "customer only" parking signs, which he believes would then limit the amount of foot traffic at the intersection of Fennell and Kelley.

"[P&C parking lot] is sort of the overflow place," Trustee Sue Jones said.

Carlson added that there are plenty of people who simply walk to go for a walk and the issue doesn't have anything to do with parking.

"Anyone can cross the street ... just wait for the cars to stop," Angelillo rebutted.

Resident Cliff Abrams said he believes the village is regulated enough. People already ignore some stop signs in the village and the extra three-way stops will be "just two or three more stop signs to ignore," he said.

"We don't need them," Abrams said.

As former head of the village's municipal operations, which includes the Department of Public Works, Green's concern is that the additional stops will create problems in the winter months.

"Add two more stop signs and it will be very burdensome to snowplow drivers," he said.

However, Director of Municipal Operations Bob Lotkowictz said if the board passed the local law it would just be two more location the drivers would have to stop at and they "have to obey the law." Stopped also would not adversely affect snow removal.

After seeing many residents in favor of a sign at Kelley Street but not West Austin, the board proposed an amended local law that would include adding a three-way stop at Fennell and Kelley streets, but not at Fennell and West Austin.

Green and Angelillo voted against the law; Carlson and Jones voted in favor.

At the Nov. 9 meeting the board will vote again on the law.

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