Good news: BOUNCE in Armory Square

Bounce, according to urbandictionary.com: To have an air of style, fashion, progressiveness, coolness, hipness, spunk, and moxy.

Syracuse's Armory Square has had bounce since its privately driven revitalization in the 1970s. But now it actually has a woman's fashion boutique named Bounce.

It's clothing and jewelry also fits urban dic's definition.

Bounce is the latest brian child of Syracuse fashionista Joel Shapiro. Shapiro made his reputation in Syracuse dealing to the best dressed with his high end "Mr. Shop" and for ladies, "Jet Black." But beyond really getting style, Shapiro is a business man at heart.

"The idea is for the customer who wants to shop at a price point between $35 and $50," Shapiro said. "Basically they want to shop."

His first two shops are based more on the European model of fewer articles of clothing, but of very high quality that have staying power over time. Next, he opened Frankie and Fay's (between Pastabilites Restaurant and Freedom of Expresso on Franklin Street) a woman's contemporary fashion boutique where everything is pretty much under $50. It's sort of like going to Marshall's but not having to pick through all that merchandise. Bounce is also for women, but is geared toward a younger, more urban customer than Frankie and Fay's.

Shapiro said he works on a razor thin margin to give people that shopping experience. In addition he buys in small lots, so the merchandise is always changing. "You won't see a lot of items," he said. "Bounce is more fashion driven, I want unique items."

Shapiro adds that fashion today is driven by the music industry, stars and the arts. It's fast fashion.

Working at Bounce

It's not that the people working at Bounce are bouncey, but there certainly is a positive upbeat attitude in the air. Emily Blakely moved to Syracuse with her husband who is working at Upstate Medical. She had been in retail management in the food rather than the clothing business in Maryland called, "Let's Dish." But also, she had always been interested in fashion, so when she saw an ad posted on Craig's List she applied.

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