Matousek seeks councilor seat on DeWitt Town Board

Democrat Sylvia Matousek is one of six candidates running for a councilor seat on the DeWitt Town Board. There are three vacant spots. Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 3.


President, Teachers Union

Political background:

I have served as Democratic Committee person in both North Syracuse and DeWitt, and on the planning board as a resident of North Syracuse. I have been involved in most local campaigns, and was fortunate enough to attend the Democratic National Convention. I am in frequent contact with legislators in my role as a teacher leader and as a community member, with issues which I believe are of vital importance to people's lives.

Community involvement:

I'm involved in the DeWitt Democratic Committee and attend most board meetings.

Why are you running for a seat on the DeWitt Town Board?

Originally I became involved in several issues ranging from airport odors to the coal gasification plan. I contacted my elected officials and supported those who would protect the quality of life in my community. The current board has been forward looking, hardworking and transparent, and I hope to participate in their efforts to establish a healthy, safe, sustainable vision for the town of DeWitt, one that makes sense and considers all points of view.

Name at least two key issues happening within the town that concern you and please describe what you would like to do to address them, if elected.

Zoning is a major concern of mine, and I think this is a balancing act between a whole variety of different agendas and beliefs. We need to find a way to blend various interests to guide development without destroying neighborhoods.

Jobs and vacant businesses -- we need to promote DeWitt as a safe, friendly environment to live and work in.

Name at least two key issues happening within the town that you believe affect town residents -- positive or negative. What changes would you make, if any?

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