Can CNY be known for cute worldwide?

Can you smell the pineapple?

Aloha. According to George Rossi, that's Little Georgie Rossi as we like to refer to him in Syracuse, Huckleberry "Huck" and Doodle "Doo" his two Shi Tzsu pups are in the dog fight of their lives. If you don't know them yet as CNY's entry in the world wide Internet "Cutest Dog Competition," now you do. Also, you mustn't spend much time online.

Smell the pineapple? It's Huck and Doo's official catch phrase. According to Georgie, it is to remind people to keep the dream in focus through olafactory means. Rossi said if you check out the pups' Web site huckanddoo.com, {Q}he has promised to spend every penny of the winning prize money $1,000,000 on his top voters and promoters on a victory party... on the Island of Maui.{Q} That's where the real smelling the pineapple comes in, and perhaps coconut oil and roasted pig.

This week Huck and Doo again placed in the top 30 contestants out of more than 50,000 fiercely competitive entrants. This alone propelled the wee boozers into an appearance on ABC affiliate WSYR'S Bridge Street morning telecast Monday, Sept. 28.

It wont' be long folks before Huck and Doo are a household name like Nipper, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Scooby-Doo, Pluto, Eddie and Brian.

Little Georgie said he correctly predicted that this contest would become part of the national news cycle and conversation, as evidenced by a recent post that appeared on CNN.com regarding the Colbert report and the World's Cutest Dog Competition.

Rossi said he believes Syracuse needs to be part of the national conversation to promote economic growth and strengthen a sense of community here, and he has worked tirelessly throughout his career to present opportunities to shine a national media spotlight on Syracuse.

"We, as a community, have a horse in the thick of this race," Rossi said. Well, make that two.

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