Help Select Penguin Chick's Name

Zoo invites community to help select penguin chick's name

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is pleased to announce the finalists in the penguin chick naming contest. On July 22, the third penguin chick of 2009, a female, hatched at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. It was the first time a chick had ever hatched in one of the outdoor nest boxes on the shore of Penguin Coast. The public was invited to submit name suggestions for the young chick and more than 375 entries were received.

In an effort to provide a name for the chick which reflects her heritage and personality, the judges carefully and thoughtfully selected a list of choices from all the entries received. Though they intended to choose five finalists, the judges decided to present six names to the community for voting.

The six names to choose from are:

Alita (ah-lee'-tah) Meaning: "winged one"

Submitted by Shannon Myers of Fulton

"Alita was my great grandmother's name. I always thought it was a beautiful name, so I checked the meaning to see if it might be appropriate for a new baby penguin. Considering it's meaning, I think it is."

Chica (chee'-cah) Meaning: "girl"

Submitted by Michelle Cosmo on behalf of Mrs. Tedford's first grade class at Lake Street Elementary in Chittenango

"My name is Michelle Cosmo and I am a student teacher in Mrs. Tedford's first grade class at Lake Street Elementary. After seeing this article in the newspaper, Mrs. Tedford and I decided that this would be a great way to introduce both concepts of voting and graphing to the students. The class first came up with a list of fourteen names that they liked for the baby penguin. We then went through a voting process where the students narrowed the choices down from fourteen names to Chica and Rosie. We explained the reasons each name might be appropriate. We then voted again using a graph where each student was able to place their vote on our graph and in a tight race (13-10) the name Chica was the most popular."

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