Oneida could see 10 percent tax increase

The items that faced the possibility of getting axed were sidewalk replacement for $30,000, crosswalk flashers by Vet's Field for $6,000, two patrol vehicle replacements for $58,000, community service officer vehicle replacement for $18,000, 15 passenger senior van for $35,000, a barrier free play structure at Allen Park for $55,000 and a back flow prevention device for Chapman Pool for $4,500.

In the end, the sidewalk replacement, the three vehicles, the back flow device and $2,500 for the Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library, newly brought up Nov. 24, were put into a resolution resulting in the 3.8 percent. The remaining 6.2 percent will reduce the amount taken out of the general fund by $180,000.

Rafte was the first to put together a proposed resolution that included sidewalk replacement, two police vehicles and the backflow device for an approximate 3 percent tax increase. Before that was voted on, Rafte wanted to amend her resolution to include police training that would add $2,000 to the mayor's propose $1,000.

"I'm always of the opinion that the things that we are required to do are public safety and infrastructure," she said.

Both were voted down with Jones, Smith and Moore accounting for the nays.

Moore than proposed a resolution to include the two patrol vehicles, senior van, backflow device and Sherrill-Kenwood Library for a 5 percent tax increase. There was no second.

The two-part third proposal brought forth by Jones did the trick.

Although the barrier free playground was not included, Recreation Director Brandon Lovett said he already has $45,000 from the state.

"I'm going to try to use that $45,000. I basically have a year to do that," he said. "I don't know what that will or won't get us but I'm not going to let that $45,000 go to waste."

According to Lovett, had the playground been approved, it would have been the only one of its kind in Madison County. The closest two are in Rome and Syracuse.

Lovett said he would see about using the money he has to buy several independent play units.

In other business, during Nov. 23's meeting, council approved the purchase of a new fire truck for $442,000, an item that had been tabled several times.

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