Syracuse's buy local movement

Fowler isn't asking you to do this -- he is asking you to consider this when you make a purchase. And if you do chose to buy local just 10 percent of the time, it will have a huge impact on our economy.

Owner of Armory Square's Sweet on Chocolate, Petit Jean Goodman said, "I applaud Fowler for trying to promote local. It really does makes a difference in dollars staying in the community." He added that people come in all the time asking him for goods for a fundraiser, which he often does. But if his business gets stressed, he can't fundraise in this manner.

There are big #s involved with very little effort

According to that local works study from Grand Rapids, MI -- a simple 10 percent shift in market share from non-local to locally-owned independents, a significant increase of economic activity is created totaling nearly $130 million. "This means that if you eat out 10 times a year, all that you would need to do would be to go just one time out of those 10 go to a locally owned restaurant, Sparky Town instead of Applebee's," Fowler said. "It is as simple as that."

According to a study done in Barnstable, MA by TischlerBise that analyzed the public costs of shopping malls, big box stores, fast food restaurants and main street businesses, the only one having a positive financial benefit for the local community were main street businesses. The study measured the cost of increased services, police, fire, water, road construction, tax abatements and sanitation:

* Big Box stores have a cost of almost $800 per 1000 square feet

* Shopping malls cost a little over $1000 per 1000 square feet

* Fast food restaurants cost $5200 per 1000 square feet

* Main Street businesses have a $312 benefit to the taxpayer.

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