Marcellus village roadways overhauled

It wasn't enough to completely tear out Reed Parkway and Reed Streets, relay them, repair the water pipes, replace the sewer lines, lay sidewalks and top it off with landscaping -- the village of Marcellus will also improve Highland Drive, though to a lesser extent.

Mayor Mike Plochocki said fixing Reed Parkway was one of his campaign promises in 2006, and after three years of searching for funding, the village board decided the repairs needed to be made whether outside funding became available or not.

And although the original plans have been scaled back, the final project will be the biggest the village has undertaken, Plochocki said.

"For a small village like this, this is a huge process," he said.

Plochocki said ultimately the project will cost an estimated $1.5 million, of which $150,000 was taken from the sewer reserves fund. The water line repairs were largely subsidized by state and federal funds, and the board will continue to seek outside funding for the project, Plochocki said.

On Reed Parkway, the roadway will be completely relaid along with new curbing, new sewer pipes will be installed, water lines will be repaired or replaced, the existing sidewalks will be repaired and new sidewalk will be installed on both sides of the street. In the spring, the road will get a new topcoat and landscaping.

Plochocki said Reed Street was not necessarily on the agenda, but inspection proved the street was as in need of repair as the parkway. An abundance of springs in the area had led to the deterioration of the foundation of the road, so to "do it right," the entire street needed to be relaid, Plochocki said.

"To our unpleasant surprise, we found that on Reed Street, the sewers were far worse [than expected], and in several areas to the point of being completely or almost completely clogged or near collapse," Plochocki said.

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