Rile on the walls at Roji in Syracuse

This is part of Th3 - a reception for Courtney Rile's work.

Location: roji tea lounge

Time: 8 to 10 p.m.

Roji's featured artist - Courtney Rile (courtneyrile.wordpress.com/) will be present during this Th3. Come and meet a most enlightening young woman Courtney Rile of Syracuse.

$1 teas are offered for standing attendees while viewing the artwork.

Walking In Circles: International Photography by Courtney Rile, 2009

Artist Statement

It has been six months now since I returned from my trip around the world. It still seems exotic and surreal. Even the days when it rained and the dense fog penetrated the soul of my skin, there was still a sense of freedom, of an open world. It has long been a struggle for me to stick with the familiar. Some part of me aches for the vastness of opportunity and a deeper understanding.

For two months over the winter of 2009, I wandered around Iceland, London, France, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and the West Coast of the United States. I literally bought an around-the-world airplane ticket. This kind of a trip gives a profound insight into other cultures, as well as grounds to reflect upon our own culture here in America. Traveling during a worldwide financial crisis only exemplified these differences, from "50% Off" sales in London and store closing signs in Hong Kong to child beggars in Cambodia.

My impressions are captured here in these photographs. Sometimes the subtleties were important to me like the light of the Mediterranean or the bustling traffic and construction of Hong Kong. Other images capture a difference in culture, something you might want to go to my travel blog to read about- http://courtneyrile.wordpress.com. If you've read this far and have examined these photographs, you are continuing on and participating in my adventure. Thanks for coming along.

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