Veterans Day in CNY: Three Days in November

Day 2 -- Tuesday, November 10 -- Seymour Dual Language Academy

At Seymour Dual language Academy, veterans with a connection to the school were honored at an assembly in the school's gym/auditorium/cafeteria. It was noisy -- typical of an assembly in any elementary school; noise made by excited students who were taking part in what one called "a pretty cool thing."

In keeping with its status as a dual language school, and recognizing the diversity of the military, students honored the veterans through song and tribute in English and in Spanish.

They sang the patriotic songs that kids should sing and cheered loud and long in standing ovations as the veterans and color guard from Dunbar American Legion Post 1642 entered and left the room. Students, likely unaware of the significance of the gesture, saluted smartly, knowing only that it was a sign of respect for the honorees.

A slide show listed the names of veterans and active military personnel connected to the school through students and staff members. All the veterans were honored with certificates thanking them for their service. Some of the veterans who attended were parents of teachers or students and received their certificates from their loved ones in poignant moments of family closeness.

And afterwards, as the veterans sat for a photo, they chatted among themselves. They were men of varied ethnicity and varied generations, who had served in several branches of the service in several wars. They were men who seemingly had little in common except they were all able to lay claim to the title of "veteran," and shared the common bond of having earned well the thanks they had just received from young people who, we can hope, will not have to share that same bond.

Day 3 -- November 11 -- Veterans' Day -- Onondaga County War Memorial

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